Introducing BuffrSpace: The marketplace for on-demand workspaces

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A thriving workforce is integral to a country’s economic growth, no doubts. For, Nigeria, various economic and infrastructural challenges are strangulating the workforce making it hard for optimal functioning.

From high cost of housing, to erratic power supply, which leaves organizations settling for the expensive alternative of fueling generators, a city like Lagos, in Nigeria has been ranked the 12th most expensive city in the world to work and live in. Another damning statistics revealed that Lagosians spend 3 years of every 10 years in traffic.

All these and many more are some of the reasons Nigerian millenials are starting to embrace the idea of working from cozy workspaces around their neighbourhood. For one, it reduces stress of commuting long distance and cuts cost accrued on rent and maintenance considerably. With as low as 15000 Naira/month for a person, freelancers and professionals can now get a convenient and cozy work space with internet service as a plus on BuffrSpace.


BuffrSpace brings the concept of workspace-as-a-service (Waas) to the African continent, allowing users to search online, book online and pay online for office spaces of different kinds in their neighbourhood as at when needed. The platform uses marketplace technology to dynamically match startup founders, distributed teams, freelancers, remote workers, business travelers, and anyone else in between, with spaces suitable for professional work and meetings – on demand.

Owners and managers of real estate, particularly office space, get to make money by listing their spaces on the platform, while users (freelancers, startup founders, professionals etc) also get to save cost. A win-win deal for both parties.

Launched in 2016, the platform which has been informally referred to as “AirBnB but for workspaces”, already has more than 263 workspaces in three cities (Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja) available on demand through it website.


The service grants users access to a vast network of diverse workspaces which include, but not limited to regular office spaces, coworking spaces, shared office spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms as well as the not-so-regular, such as coffee shops and studios.

“Work and the workplace continue to be redefined even as the 21st century worker sees flexible, remote and distributed work as a natural way to work, so it’s no surprise that these new-generation workers are inclined to telecommuting, working flexible or alternative schedules, or want to be freelancers or contractors – choosing freedom over job security. We see these realities and share this clear vision of the future of work – where work is no longer defined by where it’s done but by what is done, wherever,” said John Ojuberesa, CEO and Co-founder of BuffrSpace.

In the coming months, Buffrspace hopes to increase the number of on-demand workspaces in cities where it already has a presence and expand into other cities in Nigeria and Kenya. The startup hopes to expand the range of space offerings available through its marketplace to support more business use cases.

Are you a freelancer, a professional, or a real estate manager with a space to let out? Why not sign up here and stand a chance to win up to $100 in free workspace vouchers.





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