NATIVIZED: Some Cool Pictures of Tech Entrepreneurs in trad

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Close your eyes, conjure an image of a tech entrepreneur you know, whether Nigerian, American or European. While it will only take God to give an exact guess of who your conjured entrepreneur might be, I think guessing what they look like will be a piece of cake for anybody accustomed to the tech world. Let me guess… A face (whether black, white, red, that’s for God to tell), a t-shirt (some with punch line messages) or an office shirt (with sleeves definitely rolled up), a jeans trouser, sneakers, loafers, slippers, converse et al. There you have it! Your custom techie look.

Techies are casual people; most are even casual to a fault. You hardly see a techie boxed up in suit (except when there is a big fish to bring home.*winks* even then, some don’t give a hoot. After all, investors are about what brings money home.

However, apart from the custom, shirt-jeans-converse/slippers/sneakers stereotyping of tech entrepreneurs, they do have some out-of-the-box rarefied moments when they get ‘nativized’ with their dressing. Here are some:

Editi Effiong

Managing Director of Anakle Limited, a media marketing, and service company, Editi is your everyday tech entrepreneur. His IG page is a resource centre for Nigerian tourism picture lovers. We caught some awesomely rare pictures there.


Here is another:

Editi Effiong

Ayodeji Adewunmi

Now almost every young graduate knows this person, better still his brainchild. If you are a young graduate, chances are you have sent him your CV already. Ayodeji is the co-founder of renowned Nigerian job classified platform, Jobberman . Here is a peek of Ayodeji in his rare moment too

Ayodeji                                                                  photo credit : Bella Naija

Jason Njoku

Jason is the co-founder of iROKO partners, an African focused media streaming platform known for its innovative thinking in taking Nollywood to the global scene.

Jasonna jasonn

Apparently Jason is a slayer!

Mark Essien

Mark Essien is the Founder of online hotel booking platform,  Your perfect fit of a tech entrepreneur, here is your every day Mark look:


And now a rarefied peek:


Cool ain’t it?

Bankole Oluwafem

Bankole Oluwafemi is the co-founder of popular tech-focused news platform, TechCabal. A graduate of law and tech enthusiast, Lordbanks as his IG moniker reads, is a perfect example of  techpreneurs casual abandonment. He is casual and looks good at it too  . Dreadlock, Tee- shirt, jeans, and a footwear. There you have it. Lordbanks all the time. Did I forget to add a camera ? Add that too.

Here is a rarefied picture of him in native:

does not exist

There you have it. Someone should just find a way to put Bankole Oluwafemi in natives. We’ve never seen him in one. And we will love to!

This post will continue to be updated as I find lovely pictures of tech entrepreneurs in their rare moments.

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