Entrepreneurship starter-pack for an aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria

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Let’s face the fact, being an entrepreneur is hard! Being one in Nigeria is even harder. Many who have quit their 9-5s and are deeply slugging it out in the business space will tell you there is no structured ‘office hours’ for an entrepreneur. Every hour is ‘office hour.’


As an entrepreneur, you can’t even TGIF

However, as scary as entrepreneurship may seem, there are some hacks we’ve discovered that will work for you if you ever decide to take on the uncertainties of running a business in Nigeria. To be successful, you must be able to do all these:

Spoiler Alert: This post is caustic!

  • You must be ready to be your own PHCN
You have to be able to provide your own source of electricity

You have to be able to provide your own source of electricity

…because you cannot be giving clients flimsy excuses like “they did not bring our light” or “I was just about to finish when they took our light.” Integrity is important and it is in not letting clients down that you build a strong reputation for your business.


  • You must be ready to be Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, and MTN, rolled in one person


Availability for customers’ reach is important. Also, Data is king and Telcos are the kingmakers. What is even¬† a business without internet connectivity in this age where billions of people are leveraging the opportunities of internet. Do you even know there are about 2 billion users on Facebook? So what will you business be doing offline?

You have to be your own BANK.


The truth is, in business you’ll not have enough cash. Nonetheless, you still must have some change to run daily operations and keep the wheel lubricated. So, you must have some funds that you can rely on to keep the business running while you source for additional funds.

Here are just few of the many things to get ready for as an entrepreneur in Nigeria. Feel free to add your contribution in the comment section.




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