• Efritin continues operation in Nigeria

    Efritin continues operation in Nigeria0

    Last week, news broke that Nigeria classified website, Efritin.com is shutting down operations in its Nigerian offices. There were speculations that the closure might be related to various mismanagement allegations leveled against senior management officers of the Nigerian office. However, in an interview, CEO of Saltside Technologies, owners of Efritin.com, Nils Hammer said while it

  • Orekoya Nanny Kidnap: What Should OLX Do?

    Orekoya Nanny Kidnap: What Should OLX Do?2

    Last week social media went agog at the shocking news of the kidnap of three sons by their recently hired nanny. This of course isn’t the first time that minors would be kidnapped by their caretakers. In fact, the recent frequency may suggest oil and gas expatriate-kidnapping rings have pivoted to nannying as new channel