Social Media Week Lagos 2017: Here’s a list of events entrepreneurs should attend

Social Media Week Lagos 2017: Here’s a list of events entrepreneurs should attend

The 2017 edition of the Social Media Week holding in Lagos from February, 27- March, 3 is  just a little over two weeks from now and series of events have been lined up to educate, inform and entertain the throngs of people that would be participating this year in the annual event. We took a

The 2017 edition of the Social Media Week holding in Lagos from February, 27- March, 3 is  just a little over two weeks from now and series of events have been lined up to educate, inform and entertain the throngs of people that would be participating this year in the annual event.

We took a look at the event line up and have curated a list of events and panel sessions entrepreneurs (Tech and non-tech) must make it a point to attend.

Entrepreneurship and Tech:

Building The Next Billion Naira Business: 4 Things You Must Know

This is a capacity building workshop that will equip entrepreneurs and small businesses with the skills required to grow successfully. Small business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how to:

• Start their business effectively using the right tools. Participants will be offered a free 30 day trial of Microsoft productivity tool O365.
• Leverage the enterprise cloud and applications resulting in the ability to reduce costs, scale and respond to dynamic market trends.
• Deploy effective solutions to stay connected for a global reach
• Collaborate with the right partners and monetize your presence across social media platforms

Hosted by MainOne from 12:30-1:45, February 27, it will feature the likes of Adewale Yusuf of Techpoint, Christopher Ahonsi of Microsoft.

Fund a Startup: A Guide to Becoming a Business Angel

Where else would you rather be than where secrets to investing in businesses are being shared. This panel session is hosted by the Lagos Angel Network from 1:30-2:30PM on the 28th of February.

This executive level talk will take prospective angels through the basics of business angel investing. How to source deals. How to build a portfolio. Startup valuation. Startup due diligence. LAN will also provide resources and tools it uses for making investments in startups

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Become A Kick-Ass  Tech mum

No. Don’t be discouraged thinking it’s just about being a tech woman. There is that, and many more. How can mothers run a super organized home, while building a successful business leveraging E-commerce, growth hacking and Social Media? You want answers to that, then Become a Kick-Ass Tech Mum will help you transition from employee to business owner and teach stay at home mums how they can build a profitable online business. Mothers and homemakers who run their own businesses (or would like to run a business) and want to improve their productivity with social media are invited to attend.


  • How to balance managing the home and business
  • How to build authority in an industry and become a thought leader

Happening on the 27th of February from 12pm-1pm, this event will be a panel session where prominent ‘Mumpreneur’ Mofolusade Sonaike manager of the foremost website for mums in business in Nigeria, will be hosting the session. Other panelists include Chinonso Anyaehie, Kifayah Adeniyi Omotosho, Esione Rachel Asakome and Temitope Mark-Odigie.

Creating an enabling environment for Tech Investment

Just the host of this session alone is enough to make it an event to look forward to. Creating an enabling environment for Tech Investment  will be hosted by tecnology circle of the Harvard Business School Alumni in Nigeria. Speakers from the Harvard Alumni, a community with some of the leading players in technology, investment and entrepreneurship like Co-Managers of the Technology Circle, Collins Onuegbu and Raphael Afaedor, two leading figures in the Technology community will chair the session on 1st of March from 2:15- 3:30. Other speakers include Fola E Ogunsiakan, Deputy President of HBSAN.

MEDIA: Social/Digital media

The Co-World: Transformative Power of Technology, Content & Commerce

Are you a business owner or an enthusiast in any of these niches: Tech, Digital media, Content and Communication, Marketing? Then you shouldn’t miss this for anything. This panel session holds March 2 from 10:30AM- 11:30 AM and is hosted by Marketing communication giant, Troyka. It promises to be an engaging panel discussion on the vast opportunities of the digital media

African Youth, Media and Tech-entrepreneurship with Claude Grunitzky At this session, Claude Grunitzky, founder of the Trace TV network will be speaking about his own personal journey as an African media entrepreneur and offer insight into the growth of Africa’s media and tech industries. It comes up February,27 from 1:30- 2:30.

Leveraging Istagram and Snapchat for Business

The session will highlight the ways in which video can be used to connect with potential customers on social media and lead to all important customer conversions. Leveraging Instagram Stories & Snapchat for Business will showcase  important case studies on how companies and individuals have employed video content tools to reach mass audiences and explore ways that companies of any size can employ the same methods with little to no budget.

Why you should attend:

  • Attendees will be taken through recent working examples of businesses that are using Instagram Stories and Snapchat to appeal to new markets
  • Attendees will also learn how companies of all sizes can employ similar strategies without a huge marketing budget
  • They will also benefit from general content ideas for Snapchat and Instagram Stories that can be implemented straightaway

Date: March 3, 12:30-1:30

How to Create a Combined Social Media & PR Calendar for Your Business

March, 2 9:30- 11:30AM

At this session, small to medium sized business owners will get an important practical tool in combining a key digital marketing tool, the social media calendar. The tool has been further enhanced by combining key public relations strategies to help train business owners in the art of creating a strong PR and SM campaign. The Skillshare session will appeal to small to medium sized business owners who wish to learn how to leverage Social Media and PR strategies to amplify their results. It comes with a 10,000 Naira gate fee

The Future of Digital Publishing; What Africa’s Investors Are Looking for in Digital MediaThis session will explore:

  • Early-Stage Media Investing: How to meet investors, pitch them, and what it really takes to get them to write you a check?
  • Can localized copycat models of a global success story work? Is the local market opportunity big enough to attract your investment?
  • What sort of valuations should local media platforms carry in light of sky-high global acquisition prices for media companies recently?
  • What is one investment thesis for Africa that you believe in that no one else does?
  • Given your leanings and global perspectives what advice would you give to entrepreneurs?

Speakers include : Lexi Novitske of Singularity Investment, Toro Orero, managing partner at Draper Dark Flow, among others.

Branding on a Budget: Tips and Tools for creating a killer Visual Identity without breaking the Bank

Hosted by Capital Square from 1:30-2:30 0n the 27th of February, this one hour session will have Modupe Macaulay, founder of Capital Square dishing out insights on the essential elements of small business branding and tools to use in creating intentional and consistent brand with a small budget.

The Social Media jury: Building your Digital Empire

February, 28, 10AM-3PM, this event will hold at the U.S Embassy. It will bring together young and creative entrepreneurs to a platform where they can individually have a one- on -one interaction with thought leaders and learn from best -case studies scenarios in a round table panel . Overall, the showpiece will feature key influencers in the new media, technology and entertainment sectors.The highly interractive masterclass will connect the dots between social media and SME’s and showcase how small-medium scale enterprises can maximize profit through integrated social media marketing channels. It will feature social media influencers like Olori Supergirl, Lanre Aina, Sound Sultan, and co.


For more on info on the schedule of events for the Social Media Week Lagos 2017, go here

This post is still being developed and will continue to be updated as we get to know about more events


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