• Where do ideas come from?

    Where do ideas come from?0

    Ideas are worth a penny, but good ideas don’t come cheaply or easily; at least to the most of us. We tend to think of inventors as another species—geniuses—who have sudden flashes of insight. Some of us can’t think of a single instance when a light bulb went off in our head, leading to some

  • OLX Plans Classified market Takeover with its MANDILLAS Partnership.

    OLX Plans Classified market Takeover with its MANDILLAS Partnership.0

    When OLX hinted at a partnership with MANDILLAS earlier this month, we knew something was in the offing. It happens we were right after all. OLX is planning a major overtake of the entire classifieds market with its newly found love, MANDILLAS playing an integral part in the takeover. Here’s the full gist…. Earlier this week, Enterprise54 got wind of a possible partnership brewing between

  • Ex-Jumia Exec Uche Ajene Becomes Efritin.com’s Marketing Manager

    Ex-Jumia Exec Uche Ajene Becomes Efritin.com’s Marketing Manager1

    Smitten by a controversial sack from Rocket Internet’s ecommerce startup Jumia.com in 2012, Uche Ajene has made great strides and now trumps as the marketing manager of the fast growing general classified site Efritin.com. It will be recalled that in 2012, Uche was shown the way out as Jumia’s head of marketing on alleged grounds that she failed to meet

  • 7 top young Kenyan entrepreneurs in photography0

    JAMES PANAITO James Panaito of Snap Harvest Studio is a photographer and IT Consultant. His studio is easily one of the best in Kenya with socialites and top models frequenting his office for photoshoots and snap shots. His major investments centre around production, photography and real estate. NJERI MWANGI Njeri is a young Kenyan woman

  • 4 top young Nigerian entrepreneurs in event management0

    SANNI SHERIFF Sanni Sheriff- Owner of Sannykayz Kitchen Sheriff runs Sannikayz Events in Lagos, as well as a social media driven television network, Sannikayz TV. The brand started in 2010 out of his burning desire for business and contribution towards the growth of the Nigerian economy. NNAMDI OKONJI 26 year old Nnamdi is the MD

  • 10 top young Nigerian entrepreneurs in fashion0

    UCHE NNAJI Uche Nnaji aka Style Doctor who is married to Anthonia is the visionary founder and creative director of OUCH Fashion; one of Africa’s most respected premium style brands. He is also a notable public speaker and founder of the OUCH Style Academy. With some training at the prestigious F.I.T [Fashion Institute of Technology]