• Great Product Launch! Now what?

    Great Product Launch! Now what?0

    A product launch is the birth of your new business or new product to the public. The aftermath of a product launch is an opportunity to maximize on potential leads and further business. The end of the product launch is actually the beginning of maximizing the impact and increasing market share. Below are some tactics

  • Creativity & Innovation for Small Business Owners: Deepening Intentional Living

    Creativity & Innovation for Small Business Owners: Deepening Intentional Living0

    Small Business owners often complain about myriads of problems including though not limited to: not having the quality and type of workforce they require; lack of access to finance; and inadequate market information. However, it is increasingly becoming important to pay attention to the capability Small Business Owners possess or lack to overcome these and many more challenges

  • Where do ideas come from?

    Where do ideas come from?0

    Ideas are worth a penny, but good ideas don’t come cheaply or easily; at least to the most of us. We tend to think of inventors as another species—geniuses—who have sudden flashes of insight. Some of us can’t think of a single instance when a light bulb went off in our head, leading to some