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    Ope Adeoye

    I am into product management & software development. Early in 2003, I carried my Ghana-must-go bag of books + my AND1 sneakers and headed from Ilorin to Lagos, Nigeria to pursue the "get-rich-in-tech-like-Bill-Gates" dream. Sometime later in 2008, Charles pitched me an idea and said "let's do it". I accepted and hence began a most educative phase of my life's journey where I helped create and lead Quickteller, the mobile & value added services product line of InterSwitch. Nowadays I just hang around supporting the teams who are helping to take the original dream forward. Okay well, I'm now also responsible for strategy and alliances at Interswitch. I'm an avid follower of the tech scene and internet slash mobile businesses. I blog opeadeoye.com.

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