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    Nubi Kay

    Nubi Kay’ is an Internet Entrepreneur and Social Media Strategist currently working with Accenture and Travel Bay. He blogs at NubiKay.com and tweets at @NubiKay

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  • 5 key metrics African startups should focus on in 2016

    5 key metrics African startups should focus on in 20160

    Increase in appetite for data is one prediction for 2016–2020, and African startups are no exemption to this. In fact only the ones crazy about data will survive. However, before you go metric-crazy here are the 5 you should focus on: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) This is also dubbed the startup killer, as getting this

  • 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Blog

    5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Blog0

    ENTERPRISE54 – Content marketing is increasingly becoming core of any Sales, PR, and Marketing strategy, and if you roll in the cycle of digital marketing pros and enthusiast, ‘storytelling’ is one buzzword that trended in 2014 – a fairly ‘new’ way of engaging with prospective and current customers in other to generate leads and make