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    omotayo Adeoye

    Omotayo B. Adeoye is a Startup and SME Consultant at TheWumbb; she works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to start and grow their business.

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  • Where do ideas come from?

    Where do ideas come from?0

    Ideas are worth a penny, but good ideas don’t come cheaply or easily; at least to the most of us. We tend to think of inventors as another species—geniuses—who have sudden flashes of insight. Some of us can’t think of a single instance when a light bulb went off in our head, leading to some

  • How To Get Your First Client – Omotayo Adeoye

    How To Get Your First Client – Omotayo Adeoye0

    As an entrepreneur, you worry about whether or not someone will pay attention to you and your product/service, talk less of giving you money for it. Every business owner who has done it right has been at that stage before and they find out that they did get the first customer and they in fact

  • How To Launch Your Startup In Africa With Little Capital

    How To Launch Your Startup In Africa With Little Capital0

    By Omotayo B. Adeoye. The founder of The Wumbb, a Start-up and SME consulting firm that specializes in building ideas and growing businesses X: “Tayo, I have a massive idea that can make me millions from the first month” Tayo: “Okay that’s nice, have you started work on it?” X: “No, I haven’t. I am