“What made The Wedding Party gross over 470 million Naira”- Michael Dale of EbonyLife TV reveals the business strategy behind the movie’s success

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The Wedding Party is the highest grossing movie in Nigerian cinemas; doing nearly 300 million Naira more than the number 2 on the list, according to Mr. Michael Dale Williams.

Michael Dale Williams is a marketing consultant with vast experience in helping entrepreneurs and SMEs create profitable businesses. He has worked as a consultant to the Carnival Commission in Cross River State, the Managing Director of the Cross River State Tourism Bureau; and currently, he is Head of Business Development for EbonyLife TV.

The Wedding Party

Michael Dale Williams

In a recent interview he revealed the simple but effective strategy behind the success of the romantic-comedy movie, The Wedding Party, which has seen it sit atop the list of the highest grossing films.

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Read a paraphrased version of the interview below:

You have been a part of many innovative projects from the London Notting Hill Carnival Board, Cross River State Tourism Bureau, and now EbonyLife TV. How do you keep yourself relevant in the field?

“The only way to stay relevant is to do your best job. Get the best possible advice and try to innovate as much as possible. I am learning new skills, reading and researching; trying to stay abreast of the new technology, especially in the communication field.”

How best would you advise a budding entrepreneur to build a strong side- business while holding on to a regular 9-5 job?

“First of all, it is important not to cheat your day job. That means working long hours and weekends on your side business. Years ago, while I  was working with our partners to set up my first business, I cheated my day job by making calls unrelated to work. When they started letting people off, I was first to go and this embarrassed me. My second advice is to stick to something you understand or at least make an effort to learn as much as you can about the industry before jumping into it. Finally, make sure you choose a business that meets a genuine need or fill a gap. Always remember that the best businesses are created to solve a problem and Nigeria is full of problems!”

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EbonyLife TV’s The Wedding Party the highest grossing Nigerian Film (Domestic Gross). Could you share a tip from that success that could help other entrepreneurs?

” As we speak, The Wedding Party has grossed over 470 million Naira, that’s nearly 300 million Naira more than the number 2 movie on the all time list of highest grossing films. Any entrepreneur can learn from its success. The first thing to do is to look at what you competitors are doing and try to improve on it. Secondly, pay attention to the quality of your products,- don’t cut corners. Thirdly, always invest in marketing it tends to pay off. Lastly it is the quality that translates into valuable word of mouth marketing, long after you budget has been exhausted.”

There’s more of the interview, go here, for a full scoop.

Dale Williams has also published a book titled- The More3 Formula, endorsed by the renowned development, sales and business expert, Brian Tracy. The book has helped numerous entrepreneurs see business from a different perspective and increase their profit.


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