• Anzisha Prize 2016: 12 finalists emerge

    Anzisha Prize 2016: 12 finalists emerge1

    Anzisha Prize is an African award for young entrepreneurs between 15 and 22 who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities which have created employment opportunities. The 2016 Anzisha Prize finalists were chosen from a pool of 550 entrepreneurs across 32 African countries to compete for

  • 5 Success Tips From Africa’s Top Young Entrepreneurs

    5 Success Tips From Africa’s Top Young Entrepreneurs0

    Being a young entrepreneur is difficult, no matter where you are from. But in Africa, the challenges are often far more emphasised. Resources, financing, mentorship and supporting services are even scarcer. Yet despite this, the continent’s youth unemployment is higher than elsewhere, and for many young Africans, entrepreneurship is less of a choice, and more of a