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It is no longer news that, Nigeria’s leading online hotel booking company has launched a new product – is a compilation of tourist attractions in Nigeria comprising of fascinating spots with historical significance and cultural value; offering adventure, amusement and leisure to users based on their preferred travel location while providing information such as directions, a list of discounted and nearby hotels, safety ratings, and reviews.

We think that for a sector that has been neglected, the introduction of this product is a masterstroke by Mark Essien of Here are some reasons why we feel the idea of is spot on!

1. It makes tourism less stressful

The compilation of all the fun and tourist spots across the country in one place in an organized manner, makes tourism easily achievable. This means less stress for local and international tourists in locating historical sites or fun spots in whatever state they are.

2. It is an opportunity to showcase Nigeria to the world

The introduction of presents an opportunity to showcase the neglected and under-harnessed tourism sector in Nigeria. At least now, whenever people book and visit an hotel in Nigeria, they can also find interesting and fascinating spots within that state and around the hotel to visit.

This idea will also open Nigeria up to more tourist travels especially to places people never knew was in existence. 1

3. It helps to preserve our culture and understand our history better

Aggregating historical and cultural locations scattered in different locations across various states in the country in an organized manner online for Nigerians, Africans and the world to see, makes it easier to preserve our culture and understand our history better as a people.

For the young Nigerians, it makes it easier to identify with our culture when we visit these locations.

4. It could be a source of foreign exchange for the country

The fact that is doing everything within its power to locate and showcase EVERY tourist site in Nigeria, means there would be more influx of foreign tourists; hence, more flight taxes, more hotel taxes and more foreign exchange through the sales of artworks, crafts, carvings etc.

5. It opens up rural places for development

The good thing about is that there are at least 10 tourist sites in almost every state across the federation (except for a few); this means that an influx of tourists into these states would increase state income, the money in circulation, as the tourists would also need other basic amenities like food, clothes, toilettries etc and also compel infrastructural development in these states.

6. It makes travel experience more fun

For those who love to go out and have fun, knowing that whatever state you are, you will always get a tourist attraction or fun place to visit by just clicking on a number of buttons is a really soothing feeling.

This makes times spent travelling worth it!

So, wherever you are in Nigeria today, with and there is no reason for you to have a dull moment.


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