Orion Creations: Helping Nigerian women stay classy with exquisite designs

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Habiba Olawale is the owner of Orion Creations – a handcrafted jewelry venture that beautifies female party rockers and helps them stay classy for different occasions with their exquisite designs.

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Habiba Olawale is a hardworking and very ambitious lady who believes that there’s nothing she can’t achieve as long as she puts her mind to it. She is driven by her passion to excel against all odds and to inspire women for success in life & to be empowered. Habiba is from a close-knit polygamous family with a large number. She attended Baptist nursery & primary school, Kaduna while she had her secondary school education at Queens College, Lagos and graduated from The University of Abuja with a BSc in Economics.

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Talking about her foray into handcrafted jewelry she said: “I have always loved crafts, I started making beads un-officially in 2011 and officially in 2014. I am majorly self-taught. I have never taken a formal course in jewellery-making but I have had to ask advice from some more experienced bead-makers especially with some complex designs.”

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For every entrepreneur or business minded person, you must be able to identify what stands you out from your competitors. In the case of Orion Creations, Habiba says that her essence, her strong imaginative capabilities which enables her come up with lovely designs and the fact that her products is an expression of who she is, stands her out from other jewelers. But as it is, I also get customers that want specific designs already created by other jewelers. I can’t ignore them for now and must humbly wait till I get to make only what I wish and it becomes known enough for customers to demand same designs. So I make on order and also still go out of my way to create breathtaking pieces. That way my creativity is kept alive *smiles.*

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According to Habiba – owner of Orion Creations, for all the money available to be made from handcrafted jewelry, it can be very challenging in Nigeria because of our insatiable thirst for foreign products. In her words, “trying to convince Nigerians to patronize Made in Nigeria, trust me it is not easy. But I must add that as we the local bead makers get older in the business we are finding ways to mitigate this challenge.”

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Orion Creations has attended a number of exhibitions like Business talk in summer, Tabitha Heritage Foundation Charity sales amongst others.

Finally, here is her message to young entrepreneurs “find and strike the balance, but never start to doubt your own dreams.”


I believe Africa's entrepreneurship stories must be told!

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