“No true entrepreneur considers quitting”- Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, CEO Premae Cosmetics speaks on building her business

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Ideas do come from strange places. For Dr. Clare Eluka Anyiam-Osigwe, baking face balms to cure her Acne and Eczema while teaching English GCSE at secondary schools birthed a business idea that has seen her win 17 awards within 5 years of running Premae Cosmetics. The most recent of this award is the prestigious British Empire Medal, a meritorious award given by The Queen.

Dr. Clare; a Nigerian of Igbo extract, born and raised in Islington, is a cosmetologist and founder of Premae Cosmetics, a beauty company offering the world’s first 100% natural and vegan skincare products that helps eliminate toxins and rejuvenate the skin. Five years down the lane, the company offers dietary and facial consultation to people. She revealed her business ideals in an interview recently:

NB: The interview has been modified to allow for brevity and conciseness. For the full interview, check end of post.

Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

For a lot of people growing a brand is slow and challenging. How did you grow your brand? Did you ever consider giving up?

Never. No true entrepreneur ever considers quitting. Like Thomas Edison, the great inventor, we just have to find multiple ways to make mistakes and overcome hurdles. Yes it is truly challenging and there are days you question whether you  can truly survive, but the key is to keep adjusting your goals, being flexible in your execution and staying in your lane. Be true to your brand values. You’ll win in the end.

Finding a balance:

Me and my husband we go to the gym, we travel, read books and watch lots of films. The first couple of years it was all work, work, work, but it’s important you enjoy your life whilst trying to reach your goals.

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Advice to women and young people

Energy is everything. If you want to succeed in life, you have to match success. I f you dwell on negativity, you will become poor and lack results. If you focus your mind on success, happy memories and good thought of the future, you become a success. Despite living in a foster home, I am a self-made entrepreneur with a business that can make millions. It is this focused mindset of only thinking about my goals and how they can help me change the world that has gotten m this far. Make sure your faith is stronger than your fear.

Do you have partners in Nigeria?

Yes we have partners in Ikorodu, Lekki, Victoria Island (Lagos), and Yenagoa (Bayelsa). Email [email protected] for more.

Editor’s Note: Full interview first appeared on Connect Nigeria’s page


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