“No Idea is ever too small to start something big”- Eloine Barry of Africa Media Agency speaks on Media and Entrepreneurship in Africa

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Eloine Barry is one entrepreneur that has packed many years of experience under her belt in the African media landscape.  Aside holding diplomas from the French School for Press Officers & Professional Communicators (EFAP), and the School of Translation and International Relations – Catholic University of Lyon – France (UCLy), the Guinean-born  media guru once served as the Executive Director at the African Press Organization.

Eloine Barry

Today, she runs the Africa Media Agency,  a media company dedicated to helping African businesses grow their share of voice on a Pan-African scale in the media industry. In a recent interview, she spoke about the state of African media, and running a media business in Africa. Read excerpts of the interview below:

What does Africa mean to you?

“Africa is the continent that defines my roots. Africa to me is the land of wisdom and endless possibilities. It’s where I feel I am the most connected to myself and nature. The continent has given me such amazing opportunities in terms of business.”

Running a multi-faceted media business like AMA gives you a real ‘whole of market’ view. In your opinion, what are the key areas of growth within media in Africa right now?

 “We are presently experiencing a lot more of pan-Africanism in media. In the past, African countries used to be very isolated, but that’s changing. Social media is also playing a significant role on the continent in that it’s shaping discourse and giving the media landscape a fresh feel.”

You’ve worked in the media industry for years now. What would you say was your biggest inspiration for choosing to work as a media practitioner?

The communications industry has never been put to task as strongly as it is today as it touches every aspect of our lives. We are living in an era where the world is turning to nationalism and the media can build bridges and help us reach out to each other.”

What final thoughts would you like to share with aspiring young Africans?

“No idea is ever too small to start something big. Nothing is impossible; it’s just a matter of hard work and identifying the right opportunities.”

You can listen to the podcast version of the interview by Joy Mogweng here


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