Nigerian Startups: Apply to win up to $100,000 in LeadPath Nigeria Seed Fund

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Nigerian startups can now submit applications for funding with LeadPath Nigeria, a seed capital fund providing short, medium and long-term funding to small and medium-sized startups in high growth areas like software, web and mobile technologies.

Startups stand a chance to win as much as $100,000 in seed investment and several millions of dollars in follow on series funding. With a focus on technology entrepreneurs dealing in software applications, mobile applications, electronic payments and big data, the LeadPath team hopes to help auspicious tech-leveraging  companies in Africa by bridging the gap between startups to market dominance.

According to a statement from LeadPath, “the Nigeria Seed Fund initiative is a 3-month program during which we give access to shared services and funds. We focus on providing technology entrepreneurs with the required mentorship, enabling environment and of course funding.”

Selected startups from the pool of applicants  are inducted into LeadPath’s portfolio where they gain access to shared services like the Entrepreneur-in-Residence ( a rich pool of entrepreneurs with the skills, experience, and network), state of the art facilities/labs, HR, Accounting and Tax, and Legal Services, designed portfolios only. Startups like PushCv, Meditell, and Afriqbuy have all benefited from this program.

As a startup, having ensured you operate within the target market (Data & Analytics, E‑commerce, Mobile, Software, Software Development, and co), you should be ready to answer questions that shows you thoroughly understand your business and markets as part of the application process.

Application is open all year round. Begin  here.


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