Nigerian fraud revelation – eatery employees steal N30k daily

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Employees who serve at restaurants have become massively rich.
Some are said to make at least 30k daily.
They even argue that the business is not losing any money.
Titi who worked at a fast food restaurant in Benin claims she conveniently made about 40k each day in the 3 years she worked there.

These days, customers prefer to see the food arranged nicely at the restaurant counter, then, they make their options and it gets served. Restaurants who pre-pack their food, say a lot of customers never like it. Clearly, you see a rush of customers at restaurants where food is displayed openly and not pre-packed.

The small restaurant business owner is therefore forced to play to the desires of his market by displaying food and asking his employees to serve as the customer orders. However, this is the point of massive fraud.

Unknown to the customer, a portion of rice is 3 spoons, you get served 2 spoons. A portion of beans is 2 spoons, you get served one. Remember that the only way the business owner can keep a track on his expected sales is by measuring an estimate of the number of portions given to the counter for sale. The fraudulent serving staff know that they have collected 50 portions of rice to sell. If they can sell it for the price of 70 portions, they get to keep the remaining 20 portions. It gets worse when the restaurant has no automated sales machine.
Yes, the owner of the restaurant may not be losing money; afterall, they still give you the money for your 50 portions of rice; but, you are losing goodwill and customers. The customers are unhappy about the small portions.

In Titi’s case, asides reduced portions, she would ensure some sales do not get posted into the system. She will wrap the money and drop in the dustbin, located under the counter. The cleaner is part of the deal. He empties the dustbin and brings her wrap of money to her. For 3 years, she never got caught.

What can be done:
1. Get an automated selling/receipting system
2. At the counter, display the expected scoops for every food type (if you can)
3. Encourage customers to collect their Receipts (maybe using a display on the wall)
4. Deploy mystery shoppers, at intervals
5. Be alert


Editor’s Note: This piece was originally written by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, founder of AccountingHub


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