MEST podcast series in collaboration with The Global Startup Movement

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In the last couple of months, Andrew Berkowitz of The Global Startup Movement has been on a mission to understand the fast-growing and evolving technology ecosystem in Africa – Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and all other 50 African countries.
He virtually stopped by our HQ Campus to have conversations with the team behind the MEST program and incubator and to gain first-hand knowledge of the tech entrepreneurship space in Accra and Lagos by engaging with some of our incubated companies’ founders.
It is our hope that this podcast series shines light on what it takes to build a successful technology company in Africa in 2017.
We also hope we are able to provide insightful information to everyone who’s contemplating entering the space in whatever capacity – entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and other stakeholders.
To listen and join in the conversation, visit or one of the links below. A new episode will be published everyday.
Editor’s Note: This was contributed by Kelechi Udoagwu, Head of Communications, MEST.

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