Meet Keexs: Nigerian brand releasing Africa’s first smart shoes.

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Nigerian entrepreneur, Babajide Ipaye, is a self-described sneaker fanatic who studied innovative shoe production in the Netherlands.

He raised $20,000 through crowd-funding to produce and launch his first collection of Keexs, an Africa-inspired brand with a social brief. The $59 dollar sneakers, which are designed at his office in Lagos, are available online and in stores across Lagos.

Keexs is the first smart shoe in Africa with a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone and mobile devices with interesting applications for athletes and visually impaired people.


Isn’t this just lovely!




People seem to be buying these lovely sneakers as they appear to be sold out on some Nigerian e-commerce website



The company in its pitch on Kickstarter, aside catering for the needs of the visually impaired is also committing 10% of its revenue generation to poverty alleviation programs. Not to mention that hundreds of jobs will be created.


Now don’t we all love beautiful businesses with a good sense of social development.


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