Mamalette 2.0 Launches To Connect More Nigerian Moms To Resourceful Content

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Launched in late 2013, wants to be the one-stop-shop for Nigerian mothers and brands that want to reach mothers in a rapidly changing digital environment.

With its 40,000 unique visitors per month and 150,000+ unique visitors per month on the Mamalette Facebook Page with 15,000+ weekly comments, the platform has relaunched its site to reach a wider audience and provide quality content and tools that improve the lives of mothers.

“We are excited to share our new platform with our audience to give them useful information and a place to connect on the topic of parenting,” explains Mamalette CEO, Anike Lawal.

With the support of the Co-creation Hub, Mamalette 2.0 is the first major product improvement to the site in addition to a forum that allow mothers get instant answers to their most pressing questions and a directory of mother-focused brands as well as making the site’s premium content easy to access and optimized for mobile devices.

Mamalette has also created products that will allow leading brands to join the consumer conversation, add value to mothers’ lives, and get members talking about sponsor brands in an authentic and viral way.

Bosun Tijani, CEO of the Co-creation Hub says: “We are thrilled to have Mamalette in our start-up portfolio and look forward to us working together to continue to make Mamalette great.”



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