Kejamove: Kenya’s uber for office and house relocation

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Kejamove is the premier relocation company in Kenya that offers relocation services to thousands of clients in the country in order to help ease the stress involved in moving to a new apartment or office space.

Considering the physical rigor and the uncertainty surrounding the of safety of properties during relocation with the help of local van guys, employing the service of a professional relocation service company seems to be the best move.


“We have been building a platform on, where drivers and loaders sign up, are vetted and can take house moving jobs. Once you request for a house or office move, we send a vetted driver and a couple of helpers, depending on the size of the or no. of bedrooms, to help with the move,” CEO and co-founder of Kejahunt, Joshua Mutua told Techmoran.

The helpers pack, wrap and load the items onto the truck, transport to the destination house, unpack and arrange the house to the clients satisfaction. They clean the post-move debris, make your beds, curtains, mount your television/DSTV and any other technical installations a user may need done.

“You really don’t have to lift a finger, and true to this, most of our clients are usually not available during the move, all they have to do is leave us the house keys, and report to the new house, well arranged, in the evening. During our pilot, we have completed a little over 100 moves and have learnt a lot from our customers. Our passion has always been to bring affordable services, and of really high quality, to the common Mwananchi,” Mutua added.

On the average, a full moving service which includes packing, wrapping, transporting to destination house, cleaning and arranging destination house for a 2 bedroom apartment costs just about Ksh 18,000 to save you all that stress.


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