Lessons for media and entertainment entrepreneurs: How a chanced meeting with Mo Abudu changed the game for Eunice Omole

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Eunice Omole is a woman of clout and a deep understanding of the African media and entertainment space. One-time first runner-up at the Apprentice Africa in Nigeria, she is the Chief Strategy Officer with Mo Abudu’s Ebony Life TV. In an interview, the one-time contestant at the Miss Nigeria in America Beauty Pageant shares tips on making a breakthrough in the African media and entertainment industry.

Build and act on your network

Having had to work free for Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife while studying journalism at Columbia; an arrangement that later led to bigger things, Eunice Omole believes building a rich network of people who can help, and acting on this list is key to getting one’s foot forward in the media space.

“I went back to New York in 2010 to study Journalism at Columbia. I met Mo during that period and offered to work pro-bono for EbonyLife, which led to an offer to work full-time… it’s all about function. Put your foot forward, just don’t have someone’s number on your phone for the sake of it.  First impression is always so important…”

Eunice Omole with Akon

Eunice Omole with Akon

Preparation and Collaboration is key

Given her experience speaking with African entertainment entrepreneurs, she believes starting a media company and making a success out of it will be easy if entrepreneurs are willing to collaborate, understand, and execute their game plan.

“Just really think about what you want to project and what exactly you want to do whether it is to create content or grow within a company. Go back to school or collaborate with your friends who work in media. Make sure you’re ready to map out  and execute a game plan. Look at all the  successful people you can find , they prepared themselves for that moment. It takes ten minutes to be an overnight success, as they say. Look at Lupita she prepared so many times for that role in 12 years a slave. Before that, nobody was checking for her even when she was on Shuga.”


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  1. Smith

    April 8, 2017 at 8:24 am

    So tru about needing the collaboration, this was what i was explaining to one of the manager at nHub yesterday here in Jos. That the major problem of we Nigerian, is the “na me factor” which is what has been killing most good business

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