How to get more productivity from your staff

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Many times the growth or otherwise of a startup or business venture rest on the shoulders of its workforce; the staff. And one enduring problem business owners continue to face is managing employees. Making sure members of staff give their best and are committed to achieving the goals of the organization can be a herculean task for entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze, share her views:

Critical thinking is key:


You’ve been thinking about managing those employees that spend more time lounging on the internet during office hours? Or those that have VLC minimized during work? She has got a solution to the that too:


They say only the best can attract the best. Even her friends had another angle to productivity meter:


Or are you that business owner that is detached from the inner operations from your business. Hear this:



Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze is the founder AccountingHub, a startup helping SMEs and organization track their money without hassle . A seasoned entrepreneur, Chioma shares some insights on how entrepreneurs can maximize their employees’ potentials.


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