This stay at home mom made her first million Naira through Whatsapp Broadcast messages

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This story is one many female entrepreneurs will have no difficulty to relate with; especially ‘mumpreneurs'(entrepreneurs that are mothers). Mrs. Kifayah Temitope, ‘Mompreneur’, as she is popularly called, is a home-schooling mama of four, and an entrepreneur. She runs her business, which she started with less than 1000 Naira, from home.

Her business includes selling of fashion products online, and wealth creation programs that leverage on personal SWOT and online platforms. She is the founder of The Legit-Way-Out, a platform where she trains others to start their businesses by leveraging on their SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats),then grow these businesses through social media and other online platforms.  In just one year, Mompreneur has trained over a thousand individuals (90%women), individually and in groups, with huge successes.

She was a panelist at one of the events of the Social Media Week Lagos edition for  2017, which started today, 27th February, 2017. Tagged “Become a Kick-Ass Tech Mum”, the panel session examined ways in which female entrepreneurs who are mothers can conveniently run their businesses efficiently by leveraging on technology. Other panelist at the event include: Mofolusade Sonaike, founder


Panelists from left to right: Tope Mark-Odigie Rachel Asakome, Mofolusade Sonaike, and Kifayah Temitope ‘Mompreneur’

Tope Mark-Odigie, CEO, Ewabela, and Rachel Asakome, founder Beautifully Nappy; all mothers running successful businesses mainly through leveraging the social media. At the event, Mrs. Kifayah revealed how she deftly deployed the ‘Broadcast Message’ feature of WhatsApp to grow her online wealth creation business.

“I just had the urge to teach people what I had learnt from my failures so far. I don’t want people to make the same woeful mistakes I made. So I sent out a broadcast message and within the three days I got over forty people registered at 3,000 Naira each. That was N120,000 just like that. That was how it started. I made my first one million Naira on WhatsApp.”

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On how she efficiently turned a feature of WhatApp many people have come to loathe to a money- spinning medium, she shared tips and trick she infuses in her messages which got her her first million Naira via a SheLeadsAfrica event she mobilized people for.

Personalize the story

” I was to attend an event hosted by She Leads Africa, but as a requirement, we had to register other people. Although I heard about the event late, I still got a message from SheLeadsAfrica saying I was the one with the highest number of registered candidates. They asked I did it within that short period of time. I said WhatsApp, but they scoffed. Then I explained. I realized there are lots of broadcast messages on WhatsApp but the moment I personalized my messages to make it seem like I was talking to the recipients alone, there was serious engagement and feedback. I write my message as If I’m referring to one person in mind. Most even reply and ask If I have been reading all their posts on social media. It was that personal. Being personal that way get them interested.”

Timing is key

“I also make sure the messages are not too frequent. Because once they are too frequent, no matter how great a writer you are, people will start to ignore. And there are lots of businesses, so just sitting down and reading all your messages all the time will put people them off.”

Your adverts must never look like an advert.

“You are not a good seller the moment you make your advert look like an advert. One of the ways to avoid this is weave a story around it, and put a call to action at the end. With that they wouldn’t have a choice but respond. I did that and it worked for me. Another thing is make your broadcast message funny and real. The truth is there is a lot of stres around. People don’t want to read something too serious. Let it be fun and be real with it. The realer you become, the better you get people to relate with your brand.”



Panelists posed for a picture after the session


Editor’s note : Quotes by Mrs. Kifayah Mompreneur were slightly modified to ensure smooth reading and coherence of thoughts whilst making sure the core of her message isn’t eroded.


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  1. Faatimah

    March 5, 2017 at 8:11 am

    I am really inspired by Sister Kifayah Momp, Tope Mark also has been a wonderful person. Young entrepreneurs should take advantage of their talks in improving their entrepreneurship skills.

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