Free Internet Service To Launch In Nigeria In May

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Millions of internet users in Nigeria will very soon be able to access this basic necessity of life for free. During a panel session at the just concluded Mobile West Africa 2015 in Lagos, Facebook’s Head of Public Policy in Africa, Ebele Okobi, disclosed the company’s social project will be kicked off in the country in May.

In other African countries such as Kenya and Ghana, the initiative has been launched in partnership with Airtel, enabling only the Indian telecoms’ subscribers access to use the platform. Okobi said the launch in Nigeria (where the market is mostly dominated by MTN and Etisalat) might witness more telecoms network partners.

As part of the app, users in Nigeria will now have access to a set of websites (including, of course, Facebook) and services for free, in categories including maternal health, education, news and sports updates, and local information.

Okobi also informed the session audience that the app project was welcome to suggestions of relevant local content for its Nigerian audience.

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Ghana is the last and fifth country Facebook connected with, after Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. The project objective is to enable more people use the internet for free to find jobs, read books, and stay connected.



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