Finding Your Customers’ Pain and Pleasure Points – Takeaways From Aqua #SMWcontent Event

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ENTERPRISE54 – “Content is king!” we get told time and time again. Quality content is the current buzz in media and marketing circles, with a view to hold the attention of the consumer and arouse the buyer’s interest in a fast digital age. Knowing what best to do with the quality content being developed is then the next call to action for creative businesses.

Digital marketing experts of South African origin – Aqua Online, who recently made their entrance into the West African business terrain, were at hand to tackle that intricacy at the just concluded Social Media Week Lagos. The Aqua Nigeria team on the panel included Adeola Kayode (Account Manager), Kofo Asuni (Business Lead), and Poju Bakare (Strategist)


The session themed: ‘SMWcontent: Content marketing for Creative Businesses’ highlighted the importance of using Buyer Personas and Lifecycle Stages to create targeted content. After giving a brief introduction of the Aqua Company, Ms. Asuni prescribed that creative entrepreneurs must find the ‘sweet spot’ between what the brand believes in and what the customer wants; for a successful marketing stint.

Like everything else in the digital age, marketing has evolved and for your content to resonate with buyers, you must learn to identify their pain and pleasure points. Speaking on the need to combine traditional and digital media to market new goods and services, Kayode reaffirmed how Digital allows you to track your customers at every touch point. Entrepreneurs must be equipped with a concise content strategy as well as a marketing and communication plan to connect with their audience.


The audience was later treated to video clips of targeted branding advertisements to specific audiences like the MTN Overshare campaign executed in South Africa (See the world’s longest share here). Business owners were encouraged to tell interesting stories about their products, utilizing the pain and pleasure touch points of the intended market. It was a wrap as Poju reminded the attendees that people are NOT numbers, but personalities.

Aqua has been online for about 17 years and is thus, one of the oldest digital agencies in Africa. #Smwcontent



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