Female Creatives: Apply to be a part of a 2-month mentorship program organized by For Creative Girls

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In the creative world, meeting other individuals who have made significant progress in their lives and with their Art and Work is invaluable. It creates a paradigm shift as the young and inexperienced creative is exposed to resources, guides, angles and dreams that are achievable.

In the light of this, For Creative Girls has created a 2-month mentorship program for Female Creatives. The mentorship program has been developed to help upcoming artists and creative women get the guide, help and resources that they need to accelerate their growth in their chosen fields.

For Creative Girls is a semi-educational platform for creative women to share insights about their creative processes (how they get things done and how they execute ideas), the way they get inspiration for their work and how to be profitable. It is a platform that champions women engaged in the Creatives (Design, Arts, Writing, Painting, Photography etc), showcasing them and inspiring the aspiring female creatives to flourish. For Creative Girls is run by Gbemi Adekanmbi and Chioma Nkemdilim.

Makers, creators, freelancers, and artists are thriving around the globe, and this mentorship program is tailored to help bridge the gap between female creatives uncomfortable with the stage their art and skills are currently at and those who have grown tremendously. The program is a One-on-One virtual mentorship guidance that will hold for 2 months causing accelerated growth in the selected candidates. During the program, chosen mentees get assigned to a Mentor, who will help shape their work for 2 months.

Some of the mentors include Kachi Tila-Adesina, Adeola Osunkojo, Prianka Bassi and Data Oruwari.

Application for the Mentorship program closes on the 17th of March. To apply go to mentorship.forcreativegirls.com


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