Fasho: The Virtual Fashion Styling Service For Professionals

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ENTERPRISE54 – The deepening of the internet and middle class pockets have led to the establishment of so many ecommerce companies that one begins to wonder if there is any more market space left for new startups. The highest number of orders, after consumer electronics, are fashion items with multimillion dollar ecommerce giants tending to this demand.

Despite the promises of these companies to offer convenient shopping experience, shoppers, especially busy professionals, still have to wade through the cumbersome catalogue of varying fashion items on their screen to find what they’d like to purchase.

Enter Fasho.com.ng – an innovative Lagos-based fashion startup leveraging technology to provide shoppers a time-saving personalized shopping experience. Fasho’s proprietary software stores customer profiles and fashion preference which it uses to display items suited to their style, size and budget. So a size 10 fashionista C-suite exec never has to worry about size 8 Topman products coming up in her search nor will a tight-budget student shopping for a timepiece see N110,000 TAG watches. It saves time and search effort.



Rotimi Tijani, a cofounder of the startup explained that though Nigerians have more buying power, they rarely find exactly what they want when they walk into a boutique. So there’s demand but no correlating supply. If Fasho gets it right, shoppers never have to worry about that anymore. Fasho’s virtual stylist helps each customer assemble a selection of items from their favorite international and local brands and notifies customers via email, which if approved would be shipped to them within 3-5 days. The personal styling is risk-free as the service is without charge and customers can return unwanted package at no cost within 2 days.

“We are continuously thinking about how to make the process of shopping as stress-free as possible, because we have experienced these problems ourselves, we are committed to solving them.” says Rotimi Tijani.

Fasho is pronounced Fashor, a merger of two Yoruba words fun aso meaning “for clothing.”



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