Ewedu Broom, Mouse Traps, Crayfish, Inverters! 13 Surprising Things You Can Find on Konga.com

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ENTERPRISE54 – It may seem pretty random but you can find almost any item on Konga.com. You should try it; go to the search bar, type in an item and be surprised at the result. Konga on its official blog put together 13 random items you can find on the platform. Check them out!

Teeth Grillz:  You didn’t think you cold find Teeth grillz on Konga.com did you? Well, here you are! If you ever feel like some of the West side swag, you know where to come to.

Concert Glow Sticks: Wave your concert lights in the dark and light up the entire place. Purchase glow in the dark sticks for those concerts and watch the night come alive.

Glow in the dark Bracelets: Yes, these bracelets glow in the dark. Buy some and enjoy the attention in the dark,

glow in the dark bracelets

Wheelchairs: If a wheelchair is ever needed, finding where to purchase it might be a bit of a challenge. With wheelchairs now available on Konga.com, you know where to buy should you ever need to.

Welding Machine: For automotive and industrial tools and equipment, you can check out an array of automotive and industrial materials on Konga.com. A welding machine is just a tip of the iceberg of what you can find here.

Inverters: When power goes out, Konga.com has your back. We have inverters in different capacities as high as 2.4KVA to effectively power your homes and offices.


Tyres: Bad tyre? Fear not because with just a few clicks, you can have you new tyres delivered to your doorstep. You really do not need to get your hands dirty with all of the tyre changing. Konga is willing to do the dirty work for you.

Crayfish: For your porridge beans, soups, and whatever delicacy you need crayfish for, we’ve got properly packaged and hygienic crayfish.

Mouse Traps: The mice in Nigeria are not blind. They are sharp. Don’t let the bad guys win, control those mice today with plastic or gum traps from Konga.com.

Pepper Spray: While you take security measures to avoid being in bad situations, you should also have your pepper spray for situations you cannot entirely control. Get one today on Konga.com.

pepper spray

Mosquito Swatter: Stop trying to kill those mosquitoes with your palms. We’ve got just the right tool. Get a battery operated mosquito swatter.

battery operated mosquito swatter

Teeth Whitening Pen: If you want those pearly whites a bit whiter, we’ll hook you up.

Ewedu Broom: Who said the market is the only place you can get an ewedu broom? You do not need to make that trip to the market. Order on Konga.com today.

Before journeying to the market, be sure to search for it first on Konga.com, you’d be surprised at what you will find on Konga, You can also increase visibility and grow your business by being part of our many sellers on the Konga Marketplace. Click here to register as a merchant on the Konga Marketplace.



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