Okada Books founder Okechukwu Ofili shares insights on joggling paid employment and business

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Okechukwu Ofili, popularly known as Ofilispeaks is the founder of fastest growing mobile book reading app in Africa in okadabooks.com. Last year, the app recorded its highest monthly sales record by a single author, Sally Dadzie, who grossed over 150,000 Naira (about $450 at the time) selling her romance-themed books on the platform. Read her full story.


Okechukwu Ofili

While many might know Okechukwu Ofili for his witty write-up, illustrations and commentary on various socio-political issues on his blog or social media pages, very few are aware that Ofilispeaks is  a trained engineer who balances a paid employment as a Design/Project Engineer with a Fortune 500 company with his business of running Okadabooks. Recently, in an Instagram post, Okechukwu, stated that entrepreneurs should not be quick to quit their 9-5 jobs to build their business, rather he reiterated the need for them to be ready to sacrifice on certain things while they work on their brand. Citing his case as an example, he claims that coupled with running Okadabooks, he has always been a design/project engineer.

Okecukwu Ofili being an engineer

Okecukwu Ofili being an engineer

How did he manage this? Read his post below:

A lot of people don’t know this, but for the past 12 years and 3 months and 4 days … I have been a full-time design/project engineer.
I have gotten the opportunity to work on key projects, meet awesome people and travel to awesome places through my job.

But I have also used the free time outside my job, to work on my business and my brand … in the process authoring 4 books, speaking at schools and International events (even Harvard), working in the community, writing scripts for the BBC (wow) and starting a dope business.

So I write this to tell people to keep working on you and your brand. Keep pushing and keep hustling.
Don’t just do a 9 to 5 and call it quits. You have to do the 5 to 9 hustle as well.

You have to do “you” after hours. And on weekends, you have to turn off the TV and miss those weddings and those soccer matches. You might even have to watch Game of Thrones 6 years after it started … So that when you decide to go, you have a world of options to pick from. All because you sacrificed the shame of not knowing who Jon Snow was so that you could slay the beast and live a different life.

So expect to see more write-ups, sketches, speeches, troublesome articles and a new book this year.

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