Dear Entrepreneur, Keep The Fanfare Under Control. They Don’t Guarantee Salaries

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Businesses are like relationships – there’s a honeymoon phase. It’s the proverbial butterfly-in-the-tummy period where everything appears rosy and the stars seem to align on the prospect of a world-changing, game-changing, everything-changing business plan. The team is sprung on the vision; everyone pulls all-nighters and monitors social media mentions like it’s second nature.

This is BusinessBut honeymoon ends. Reality replaces the mushiness and loveydoveyness. Sustaining the relationship becomes the new task and the parties involved share burden through thick and thin, and watery.

It’s the same in business: only harsher. After the signatures and handshakes, investors pull the seats to monitor the books, the pressure is on to deliver on the promises of the business, and the business stays at the mercy of uncertainties – both internal and external. The team deals with a mix of joy and burden. It’s the nature of business. And it never stops.

This is not a post to alarm. Running a business and managing business relationships are inherently tough tasks. The smart business knows this and adapt accordingly. It makes calculated decisions and conjectures to keep the business afloat. While a business needs a dose of goodwill, it takes more to sustain it. The earlier it comes to this awareness, the better for it. So keep the fanfare under control. You are running a business, not an extension of Hollywood. Fanfares don’t guarantee salaries or keep the generator running. They may be necessary but they should be managed tactfully.

Stay on the reality lane. Everyday is not honeymoon. This is Business!

This piece was originally appeared on Kwirkly.


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