Creativity & Innovation for Small Business Owners: Deepening Intentional Living

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Small Business owners often complain about myriads of problems including though not limited to: not having the quality and type of workforce they require; lack of access to finance; and inadequate market information. However, it is increasingly becoming important to pay attention to the capability Small Business Owners possess or lack to overcome these and many more challenges

The following practical steps require a conscious effort in order to obtain optimal result (You could try them all out continuously for a month and re-evaluate your learning):

  1. Identify that you are part of a system and any problem arising within that system so it is important to state your interest in any given issue
  2. Develop the conscious habit of reflecting on your options before taking an action until it becomes second nature
  3. Use Questioning a lot in engaging with others
  4. Reframe problems from the viewpoint of others often times simply by asking them how they see the issue
  5. Devote at least 30 minutes to reflection of your actions; inactions; and motivations everyday
  6. Write down your thoughts as soon as you can (You can let it last longer in the memory by running through scenarios) Purposefully getting others to critique our ideas consolidates either knowledge or conviction to execute or not execute
  7. Evaluate the context within which something happens. It is a solid way of getting to understand the ‘Total Picture’
  8. Take an intentional break (from an issue, work, etc.) even do something unrelated (Your brain does not sleep and requires that to connect the dots in new and interesting ways
  9. Analyse the learning from your mistakes; create actions points; and don’t dwell on the fact that you goofed; in order for the learning to take roots in your mind
  10. Evaluate your ‘breakthroughs’ or ‘Success’ in order to standardize and replicate consistency. It is what is called sustainable Value in Enterprise
  11. Practise how to ‘read’ fast with all your senses as soon as you come in contact with anything
  12. Clock your response time from flashes/thoughts to action. Intuition grows and is reinforced with actions and is weakened or lost with complacency
  13. Connect with nature
  14. Talk never more than 1/3rd your total engagement time with others
  15. Mentor Others, Volunteer your time
  16. Use a ‘To-Do’ List and tick against achievements. Feedbacks work for calm and sustaining a sense of purpose
  17. Meet new People; Visit new Places; Learn a new Skill every quarter of the Year
  18. Practise Logical reasoning. Reject illogical Conclusions immediately from your thoughts even when it is inexpedient to voice your disagreement. Take a note of decisions you make which proceeds essentially from ‘emotions’
  19. Build a network of positive thinking people
  20. Run comparative scenarios and relativity games with ‘new’ experiences. Your Barber and Factory manager -are they similar? Different? Why?
  21. Critique your assumptions before you conclude. What fears are subtly hidden: Authority; Trends; Low Self-esteem etc.?
  22. Create and recreate a ‘Problem/Need’ and then try to solve it. It will ensure that you stay ahead of the pack. It is a new understanding of Customer Needs according to Steve Jobs and the 2013 Film ‘Escape Plan’ featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stalone
  23. Exercise your body; eat healthy food; and Sleep well, content that ‘You don’t Know it All’

written by

Elizabeth Olofin

CEO/Principal Consultant at KITBENJ Limited (here’s the link


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