How cake makers can get more customers through Social Media

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Social Media has/is radicalized/radicalizing the way business is (being) done. From presenting an equal playground for both big and small brands, to enabling a wide reach that transcends a business immediate environment, it is no doubt that it has been a goldmine for businesses.

However, with many riding on this wave, getting optimal results for your business is no longer about just being ‘there’, brand’s now have to own their presence online.

Here are some tips for cake entrepreneurs on how they can increase, and market their brand’s presence through social media.



Just posting pictures of your beautiful cakes is not enough. The digital space has evolved. It is not as it was when so many people did not have business pages on social media. Now there are so many pages so you need to stand out.

If you must get more attention on your page then you must add more value.

You need to give people a reason to visit your page frequently and even share your posts to attract more traffic. This can be achieved by posting contents that are valuable to your readers.

Instead of just posting pictures of your work, you could:

1) Teach the process of how you made the cake
2) Post tutorial videos of your work
3) Teach on interesting topics such as:

•The difference between using butter and margarine for baking
•How to prepare home-made muffins even though you are not a baker
•Any other equipment you can use for baking when you don’t have an oven.

When you do this;
– You will attract more clients to your brand
– You will diversify your income channel
– You will attract more traffic and increase your fan base.



One of the fastest ways to grow and get attention in a crowded environment is to stand out. The internet is already filled with so many cake artist so what can you do to gain traction? Simple, pick an area in your field and specialize on that.
Focus on only that area and very soon you will be known as an authority in that area. This strategy is not to prevent you from offering other services, the idea is to use this to grow your fan base.

E.g assuming you decide to specialize on cup cakes. You’ll keep dishing out contents on:

• Different ways to make cupcakes
• Home-made cupcakes
• How to make different types of designs for cupcakes etc

When you do this, you’ll be known as the queen or king of cupcakes. Whenever people think of cupcakes they’ll think of you. When they need to order cupcakes, you’ll be the first person on their minds.


Everything mentioned above will be of no effect if you are not consistent. You need to put up contents daily on your social media platforms.


Editor’s Note: This post was written by Serena Francis. Serena is a business strategist, and founder of Super Woman, a high impact organization committed to providing pragmatic solutions to prevailing issues bewildering every woman.


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