Good news: Business Owners can now pay tax online with the new ITAS by FIRS

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Tax payment has been made easy for business owners and individuals, according to a report emanating from the Federal Inland Revenue Service. Individuals and corporate organizations can now file their tax return online, according to Mr. Kola Okunola, the Director of Information and Communication Technology at FIRS.

He was quoted as saying “ITAS automates the processes for registration, self-assessment, audit, payments, refund, accounting, and other functions of the Federal Inland Revenue Service. It enables taxpayers to file their returns and pay online.”

The Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) seems to be the FIRS attempt to address the cumbersome procedure of filing tax returns, which has not only made many non-compliant in remitting their dues to the pocket of the government but also dealt seriously blow to the FIRS revenue.


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To start using the ITAS portal to file tax returns, taxpayers are required to:

  • Go to the nearest FIRS office to get their Document Number (Document Number is a remittance form number which is used for assessment and payment of the taxes under the ITAS platform. Document Number is unique to taxpayers, tax type, tax period and tax office.)
  • Log on to e-filling platform to begin

It’s that easy. And hopefully, this move at improving ease of doing business with FIRS, will enhance voluntary compliance and boost the agency’s revenue generation.


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