British Council Calls For £5000 – £10000 Grant Applications For Art-Based Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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A recently-launched multicultural initiative of the British Council Arts in Nigeria has been described as ‘ambitious’ by the organizers themselves, likely because of the intensive nature of its wide-reaching goals. The program simply aims to connect over forty million young Nigerians in the 18–35 age bracket to the United Kingdom by increasing collaboration between young people in both countries through the arts.

Tagged “UK-NG 2015/16: A Season of Collaboration”, the culture-oriented program is expected to feature over 30 projects and over 80 events, which would cut across visual and digital art, fashion, design, theatre, dance, music, literature and film, with a special emphasis on digital media, highlighting the commitment of the organizers to the growing innovation, skills and talent that exist in this dynamic sector.

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Ojoma Ochai (Director, British Council Arts NG) with Connie Price (Country Manager, Nigeria) at the UK-NG 2015/16 Launch. Photo courtesy @ngBritishArts

With some projects already in the works, all activities will peak between September 2015 and April 2016 in 5 cities across Nigeria and the UK. Projects that meet the programs’ criteria will be endorsed and featured, while about 15 projects that fit the programme aims stand the chance of receiving grants of between 5,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Inclusion criteria
We are offering partners the opportunity to:

1. Submit project proposals for inclusion in our official programme.
2. Submit project proposals for grant funding

Download Grant and Inclusion brochure for details of additional criteria and benefits.

Arts Grant
Artists and arts organisations can also apply to receive grants under our grants scheme.

We are seeking original and adventurous artistic project proposals, which will culminate in a high quality live, or digital performance, showcase or other public facing event during the UK/NG season. Projects will be delivered in one or more of our focus cities in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Calabar) or in the UK.

We are looking for a strong mix of projects that range across literature, theatre, performance, visual art, design, fashion, film, digital and music. Download Grant and Inclusion brochure for more details.

The latest in the Ojoma Ochai-led British Council Arts’ drive to grow Nigeria’s creative industries, it seems to me like UK-NG 2015/16 is about to birth many a creative artist’s dreams.. Download the application here.


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  1. Oganle Ayodeji Joseph

    March 28, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Thanks for bringing this opportunity to us in Nigeria

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