BRCK closes a $3 Million funding round from International Investors

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Erik Hersman, CEO of BRCK, will be in really good spirits right about now.

That’s because BRCK, the Kenyan company making the all-terrain internet router and backup power for remote regions of Africa, has closed a US$ 3 million funding round. The investment was made by former AOL executives Jean and Steve Case, Jim Sorenson, TED, MKS Alternative Investments, Synergy Energy and others.

This funding round adds to the US$ 1.2 million BRCK raised through seed funding last year, in 2015.

In 2013, BRCK placed itself on the map when they launched their internet in a box router – the BRCK. The router was a rugged piece of mobile hardware which was ideal for African climates – having 8 hours of battery life and failsafe internet connectivity in even the remotest of regions. The Kenyan company didn’t rest on its laurels though, as they doubled down on their efforts to create another region customised device – the BRCK Kio.

As at November 2015, internet penetration in Africa stood at about 28%, and predictions peg it at 50% by 2025. Efforts like these by BRCK are part of what will be intrumental in hitting that milestone.

The BRCK router is available in 54 countries across 5 continents. The latest funding round will help expand BRCK’s operations, its ability to manufacture additional inventory, new designs of the devices and distribution across the continent and globally.


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