“Be consistent with your message, do not confuse your customers”-Cynthia Nyamai’s quotes from Mara Mentors Twitter live chat

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Cynthia Nyamai is a PR expert and founder of Cynthia Nyamai Communications. She identified the PR gap in Kenya dedicated herself to help companies to better utilize communication strategies, and to understand the role of Public Relations in their campaigns.

One-time Diageo Business Award winner, and writer for Forbes, Cynthia Nyamai has grown her Communications firm immensely over a short period.

Today, Mara Mentor, a community that connects entrepreneurs with successful business leaders conducted a live interview with Cynthia Nyamai on Twitter where tweeps could send in question on branding. Here are some of the responses that caught our eyes:


  • Master the message! During Nigeria’s election, APC message was 1 and very clear !! “CHANGE” and it never changed
  • Be consistent with your message if it keeps on changing you will confuse your customers and lose trust #AskMara
  • Ensure you turn your customers into EVANGELISTS of your product! They will grow your base 4times faster
  • It is important to stay focused on reaching your target customers who are mostly likely to help establish and grow your business

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On medium of branding

  • Use traditional media. Send articles to Oped, when printed a couple of times, you will seem a like captain in that industry

Putting the round peg in the round hole in the medium of branding

  • If you offer a service that is best expressed by sharing information, develop a strong Twitter or Facebook presence.
  • If you can market your product best visually, focus your energies on Instagram or Pinterest.

Don’t just brand the company/product, brand yourself 

  • Personal branding is vital because success comes from Self-packaging!!!!!

With Branding, you can never relent! 

Branding is a daily engagement and remember, at any given moment, God can put you in front of the masses. Be prepared!



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