Are you an entrepreneur? Here are 5 ways you can unwind this weekend

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Being an entrepreneur is a daunting task and for all the late nights and hardwork all through the week, the weekend is always a perfect time to relax and unwind from the stress.

While it is good to relax and unwind, an entrepreneur cannot afford to waste the entire weekend snacking and just watching TV being unproductive. This means that there is an acceptable or productive way to unwind and relieve yourself of the stress piled up during the weekdays.

So here are 5 ways an entrepreneur can productively unwind and have fun every weekend

1. Pursue a passion/hobby


Cultivating a hobby is a fantastic way to unwind after a long week. You do not have to feel guilty making time for your hobby or those thing you love to do and that give you joy.  Asides from being that brilliant tech guy every one would love to do business with or love to have on their team, it is only human to also love playing the guitar or cycling or even swimming. As an entrepreneur, you need to make time for enjoying those activities you love.

Would you believe that former U.S. President George W. Bush is an avid painter, or that billionaire investor, Warren Buffett plays the ukulele in his spare time? You should pursue your interests and passions. Also, engaging in creative hobbies can result in enhanced work performance by encouraging creative thinking to solve work-related problems.

2. Socialize and spend time with loved ones

Your loved ones are all you’ve got. Before the business started, they were there and when you retire they will always be there. So you have to spend time with them for mutual benefits: to make yourself happy and to make them happy.

As an entrepreneur, you have to find the right balance between work and family. Work and family are interwoven and an emotionally unstable person cannot successfully run a business. So also will a supportive, loving and caring family boost your performance at work.

President Obama when not at work is either playing basketball, or with his wife and two daughters. You have to maintain the work and family balance and a perfect time to do this as an entrepreneur or leader is on weekends.

3. Indulge in exercise or workouts

entrepreneur exercise-ball-planks_-_step_2-max-v1

As important as physical health is to entrepreneurial success, not all entrepreneurs engage in it steady because of time. So if you are one of those who do not have enough time for exercise during the week, the weekend is a good time to get body and soul together and maintain physical fitness.

4. Sleep well

Studies show that too little sleep causes significant problems with brain function. Sleep deficiency causes trouble making decisions, controlling your mood and problem solving. Prolonged sleep deficiency can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

These negative effects keep your work week from being as productive as possible. The habit of keeping a long and regular sleep schedule on weekends will set you up to be much more successful at work in the coming week.

5. Eat good and healthy food

 entrepreneur Shopping-Basket-Fruit-And-Vege-13789097

Due to the hectic work schedules, meeting, strategy and brainstorming sessions during the week, most entrepreneurs especially young ones often feed on junk to do away with hunger. On weekends, for those two days you have the opportunity to make this right as paying attention to your eating habits it important for a healthy living.

Take healthy and natural juices, fruits, well cooked vegetables and food and drink a lot of water.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


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