Are you an Agric entrepreneur? You can win $15,000 with Village Capital’s Affordable Nutrition Forum

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Village Capital and The Hershey Company wants to support the next generation of entrepreneurs increasing access to affordability of nutritious food products locally in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria. Tagged the Affordable Nutrition Forum, the event will hold on the 21st of April in Accra, Ghana. Selected participants will benefit from an all expense paid trip, free accommodation, business development training and the chance to win $15,000.

The aim of the program is to help entrepreneurs solving one of Africa’s major problem to scale their business and get their products across to where they are needed.According to the organizers:

“While the demand for healthier food products is growing across the continent, inefficiencies in supply chain, manufacturing, logistics and distribution make it difficult for healthy food products to reach the right people at the right price…

Although countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Côte d’Ivoire are growing rapidly, access to proper nutrition for children and adults still remain a problem with UNICEF estimating that 57% of children under 5 are anemic, 23% are stunted, and 30,000 children suffer from Severe Acute Malnutrition annually.

To be a part of this forum, here some of the eligibility requirements:

● Operate in Ghana, and/or Côte d’Ivoire and/or Nigeria. You may operate in other regions in addition, but for this forum you must be operating in one, or more, of these countries; and/or
● Are increasing efficiency in supply chains and distribution channels through better market access, increased price transparency, increased connections to new suppliers, and access to other decision-driving market information; and/or
● Are enhancing insights through tools for value-chain tracking and/or smart logistics; and/or
● Are innovating manufacturing and processing models to make them more efficient, affordable, and reliable; and/or
● Are increasing awareness of and demand for nutritious food products on the customer side through marketing and education.

Up to 10 businesses will be selected from the pool of applicants. Application ends 20th March, 2017.


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