Ademola Balogun of TEEP class of 2015 bares it all in this interview

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Ademola Balogun is a young Nigerian photography entrepreneur who was one of the 1000 beneficiaries of the inaugural edition of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Programme (TEEP) – a project which aims to empower 10,000 African entrepreneurs over the course of 10 years.

Ademola is a graduate of statistics from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) and he runs Ademola Balogun studio. He has done some really impressive works in his short time as an entrepreneur as he bares it all in this interview.

E54: Who is Ademola Balogun?

I am a charismatic, ambitious, tenacious, vibrant and a flexible entrepreneur, my strengths comes from wondering about the power behind procreation which relatively belongs to God. I love football, music, movies and fashion. I am also a life hack Aficionado.

E54: Enlighten us on your business enterprise.

Ademola Balogun Studio is an enterprise that will be delivering photography in a Quintessential Pan-African ideology. Our photography will be based on People, Portraits & Events (wedding, naming ceremonies, birthdays etc) Nature, Wildlife & Landscapes, Action, Stylized & Conceptual, Food & Crafts, Travel & Lifestyle, Architecture, City Life & Photojournalism. I have a persona on all social media platforms as @enigmathick but my instagram profile is mainly for my photography business.

E54: What inspires your genre of photography?

Like I said The Power Of Procreation Inspires me a lot, I was telling a friend the other day that Wedding Photography bores me a lot everytime I assist my colleagues but I love the party life behind the real solemnization ceremony. So yes, I love shooting people, portraits, events, nature wildlife and more, I just don’t want to constrict myself to one genre of photography now because the photography industry is big enough for us all (photographers) why some people do it for the money in it, people like us do it for the passion and obsession we find in it.

E54: What do you think is the cutting edge that qualified you to be a TEEP winner?

I wouldn’t say it was luck but I felt it was hard work and the grace of God because I did all my homework well enough before applying for the programme.

E54: How did you feel when you discovered that you were part of the inaugural winners of TEEP and what was your reaction?

I was amazed. I didn’t believe it at first when I found my name, because I told my friends, family and colleagues about the programme so when I found out my name was on it, I had the top of the world goodness feeling to share it to them

E54: So far, what impact has TEEP had on your business?

TEEP has affected everything in my life and not just my business, and that’s mainly because of the TOE WAY, from the administration to the business management into customer retention and also breaking away tactics and also cash flow routines. I pray all this lessons I got from my sole mentor Tony Elumelu will be seen in form of profits as time goes on because now I see more opportunities in my line of business more than the first time I pitched my idea to TEEP.

E54: Any regrets so far?


E54: What milestones have you achieved in your business since the TEEP program?

Bought my cameras and accessories, rented the studio apartment and now I’m ready to enlarge the coast of the business since I know the trade and I have the dexterity in the photography field.

E54: What message do you intend to pass across with photography?

That we can document our lifestyle just like the western countries have done through the decades, That we can share prestigious moments with friends and families, that we can share the the truth about matters of the economy and get justice through media evidence.

E54: What do you intend to achieve in the long run?

On the long run say 10-20 years from now I want to be the best media mogul around.

E54: Final words to young African entrepreneurs

If you can dream of whatever goals you want in life, you can achieve it…Entrepreneurship can be a God given talent, but also it can be taught and learnt. Every talent still needs practice to make it look polished.

Below are some of his impressive works so far…

Ademola Enigmathick 12Ademola Enigmathick 2Ademola Enigmathick 1Ademola Enigmathick 10Ademola Enigmathick 4Ademola Enigmathick 3Ademola Enigmathick 11Ademola Enigmathick 7Ademola Enigmathick 9Ademola Enigmathick 6


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