7 top young Kenyan entrepreneurs in photography

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James Panaito; Founder Snap Harvest Studio and Panaito Photography

James Panaito of Snap Harvest Studio is a photographer and IT Consultant. His studio is easily one of the best in Kenya with socialites and top models frequenting his office for photoshoots and snap shots.

His major investments centre around production, photography and real estate.


Njeri Mwanga – Founder, Canon Kenya Photography Awards

Njeri is a young Kenyan woman contributing to photography in Kenya by appreciating young Kenyans and bestowing on them the necessary accolades they deserve. She is the brain behind the biggest photograpghy awards in Kenya – Canon Kenya Photoraphy Awards.

The awards which began 3years ago, was inspired not only by the need to appreciate the work being done by photographers in the country but also because she saw a lot of potentials in the art including the need to preserve the Kenya culture and capture important moments in history for future references.


Owner, Peter Ndung’u Photography.

Peter is one of the most promising young photographers in Kenya who have made a name for themselves. As an undergraduate, it was quite tough combining his studies with photography but somehow he has been able to sail through successfully on both ends. His Massai portrait was selected to celebrate Kenya’s 50th birthday and he has also been nominated in the portraiture category in the Kenya Photography Awards.


Founder, Studio Zinc.

The 25 year-old is self-taught a motion graphic artist/designer, photographer and cinematographer based in Kenya. Churchill is passionate about arts and focuses mainly on portrait photography. In 2016, he won the award for the most promising young photographer of the year at the Kenya Photography Awards.


Nick Klaus, Owner – Nick Klaus Photography

Two years after his photography career kicked off, he won the Zoom in on Poverty Global Photo Contest in China; that is how good Nick is. He takes pictures for CNN report and many other corporate and private multinational companies.

Nick is one of the best Kenya exports in terms of photography today.


Mimi Cherono Ng’ok; CEO Mimi Cherono Ng’ok Photography

Mimi returned to Kenya in 2008 to ply her trade in her home country after a degree in photography from South Africa. According to her, South Africa’s tradition of documentary photography greatly influences her work.


Boniface Mwangi – Founder, Picha Mtaani

Boniface is a photojournalist/photoactivist who intends to use his pictures for the purpose of social change across East Africa. His innovation, Picha Mtaani, a mobile photo exhibition platform which showcases pictures of post election violence in Kenya has over 500,000 users. He intends to develop an online platform that will use photography has a catalyst for social change.

He has worked for the Standard, Bloomberg, the AFP, Reuters and many other international editorials.


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