6 reasons why every startup should start out in a co-working space

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Being an entrepreneur is no joke, especially back here in Africa where entrepreneurship is somewhat of a strange idea and is not well encouraged. In Africa, the safe kind of lifestyle where you go to school, get a good degree and good grades in order to secure a good job is more preferred to the risky lifestyle of pain, uncertainty, rejection and suffering an entrepreneur goes through. No one is saying going to school is bad or getting good grades is wrong but you cannot change your fortune and economy including that of the continent also, on a massive scale by doing that. Africans need to build massive and high net worth companies that would attract the world’s attention to the continent.

So, considering that entrepreneurship is still somewhat of an idea Africans are not yet used to, the best way to stay encouraged and focused on what you do is to be in the community of like minds where your efforts are appreciated, encouraged and applauded. Having said that, it is important to mention that research has it that entrepreneurs who start out in a co-working place are 4 times more likely to succeed than those who don’t. In addition, a study from Deskmag.com found that those who decided to work in co-working spaces were more likely to be motivated and had higher levels of interaction.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider building your start-up in a co-working place.


You can exchange ideas

Like we all know that entrepreneurship and running a successful business is about ideas. Always being in the same working space with people of like minds who also run businesses and you can interact with is a big plus for entrepreneurs. In a co-working space, there is an avalanche of talents and intelligent individuals that could provide solutions to the problems your startup is facing and vice-versa. Also interacting with a fellow founder, you might just be getting your next business idea or the next idea that would guarantee your big break.

It is cost effective

One of the major problems of startups is funding and startup hubs around the world have been built with this in mind, such that virtually all startup hubs around the globe require a little amount from startups to bring in their team to get a workspace within their building. The issue of workspace is one major problem startup hubs have solved superbly.

Asides from the cost of office space covered by that fee, cost of office set-up, power (a major problem in Africa), internet connection, staff etc has been covered by the little token paid to come work with or without your team in any startup hub around the continent. In a nutshell, you don’t have to break the bank to get your business going.

When things get rough, you’ll have people to talk to

The life of an entrepreneur can be boring and lonely especially when you are building from the scratch. You eat, drink, sleep, talk, see, walk your new startup and the best place you can be during this period is in the midst of like minds who have once been in your shoes and who can encourage you whenever things seem to be going south or when it’s time to make tough decisions.

It will help you build your network

beautiful co-working sapce

In the words of Porter Gale: Your network is your networth. Networking has to be an habit for any business man/woman who wants to be successful. In a co-working place, everybody who walks through the door is a professional in their own right and that is how you have them everywhere. Interacting with them helps you build a network of professionals and young entrepreneurs. Some people pay huge amounts to get these kind of connections but in a co-working space, it is as free as it comes.

You get to work in a peaceful and serene environment

The beauty of a co-working space is that, you have serious minded individuals there who know the difference between the time to work and time to relax. So in a co-working space, you do not have unnecessary distractions or noise when you are trying to work.

Also, the start-up hubs round are built and set-up in such a way that creativity, artistry and nature are important components of the structure. This makes work more pleasurable and delightful.

You get motivated to do more

The positive energy you’ll find in every start-up hub is amazing and palpable and this makes everyone want to do more. For instance, you can wake up to the news that a guy you were just talking to at the office just got some huge funding from a multi-national company. These are the kind of news that keeps everyone on their toes and keeps inspiring them to do more and that they also can make it.


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