4 Powerful TEDx Talks you should listen to as an Entrepreneur.

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Failure is dreadful. The thought and fear of  your ingenious idea becoming a stillborn is what keeps a lot of would-be entrepreneurs with potentials looking in from the sideline.

Will it succeed? Will people buy it?

What if it isn’t what people want? How do I get people to love it? What if it fails?

These are just fractions of the numerous questions that keep entrepreneurs awake (even successful entrepreneurs suffer same). The relationship between failure and entrepreneurship is ironic. Seasoned entrepreneurs knows failure is a necessary evil that must be OWNED on the path to fulfilment.

Here are selected TEDx Talk that will change your perspective about failure.


Failing All the Way to Success | Jason Njoku

“I was broke, I was living with my mom. But, I was still in the game”

After 10 failed entrepreneurship ventures landed him back on his mother’s couch, one would agree with Jason Njoku when he dubs himself as a “certified failure.” His TEDx talk, Failing all the Way to Success chronicles how he eventually found a winning idea and became the CEO and founder of Iroko Partners, a leading online distribution company focused on the Nigerian entertainment industry.


How to overcome the fear of failure in life | Kwame Leslie Dougan

“Fear stops many capable people from launching businesses that they are perfectly capable of managing.”

The excerpt above clearly captures why every entrepreneur should find time to listen to Kwame Dougan’s talk. Just like an Alchemist, he seems to possess an elixir to a major problem entrepreneurs face; the fear of failure which ultimately leads to delayed launching (very often, the launching never happens).

While a student at Columbia Law School Kwame Dougan discovered for the first time that he had a learning disability. Initially Kwame’s disability felt like a curse but it later became a blessing since it has forced him to be innovative in every aspect of his life.



Perseverance and the power of not giving up | Christine Krzyzanowski

“So many people have visions and dreams and they are put into uncomfortable situations then they quit and settle”

Christine Krzyzanowsk thought she lost all glimpse of being successful when she quit her high paying job in New York City and moved to Texas. But through the lessons she learned from failed business ventures, she’s now become the co-founder and chief marketing officer for Xtreme Tilt, LLC., where she leads marketing for the gaming company worldwide.


Trust your struggle | Zain Asher

“But I think that having that competitive spirit and having the need for one-upmanship  and comparing yourself to other people again, and again can actually bring out fears and insecurities that end up holding you back”

Isn’t that excerpt enough to whet your interest? What are you waiting for? Get on to Youtube for these lovely videos


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