5 movies that would inspire any enterpreneur to go crush their goals

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Let me tell you now, any entrepreneur who could figure out how to generate inspiration on a daily basis, would have the next Uber on their hands.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait that long. Movies have been churning out inspiring stuff for decades. I still remember how I felt the first time I saw Rocky and Karate Kid. I felt like I ccould accomplish anything.

So here are five movies that tick all the right boxes. Inspiration running low? Load up these movies now (on Netflix probably) and reignite the fire in your gut.

Note: This is not in any order. All these movies are infinitely enjoyable.

1. Jerry Maguire


Jerry Maguire is one of those feel good movies that hits you from the blind side. It is also pretty hard to classify, straddling the line between sports movie and romantic comedy.

It starts out like your everyday sports movie. Jerry, (played by Tom Cruise) is a sports agent who is good at what he does, and has it all, it seems. But one day, he has an epiphany and begins to question his life choices. Suddenly unhappy with his life, he quits his job to start out on his own.

Sounds familiar? A lot of entrepreneurs start out their journey this way also, quitting their 9-5 in order to do their own thing. Well, such decisions come at a price, as Tom Cruise finds out in this movie. He loses his friends, his fiance and a bunch of other things.

Following your dream isn’t a walk in the park. And this movie replicates almost every entrepreneur’s’ journey from launch to scale.

2. Social Network

The Social Network

You’ve probably seen this by now. But it belongs on this list anyway, especially as a repeat viewing. This movie keeps giving even on repeat viewings, such are the film chops of David Fincher (the director) and the scriptwriter(Aaron Sorkin).

Social Network is the overdramatized story of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook. The story gets the Hollywood treatment, playing fast and loose with facts and it’s the better for it. Make no mistake about it, watching a Havard student grow from lovespurned undergrad to CEO of the most popular social-media network in the world never gets old. Extra points for showing how ambition can destroy friendships.

3. Up in the Air


George Clooney slays again in another workplace movie that evokes shades of Michael Clayton (which is a great lawyer flick, you should also see). The film focuses on Ryan Bingham, a professional who is hired to travel across the country and lay people off. Yup, you heard that right. An ambitious new hire, played by Anna Kendrick, spearheads a new project that would disrupt the office processes using technology.

Why watch it? Two reasons. One, a lot of people get fired in this movie. The director even interviewed real people, getting them to share their experience as they were laid off. Watching people get fired from their job, after years and years of loyalty to their company is enough to scare anyone into revving up their entrepreneurial drive. Second reason, a major lesson from Up in the Air is that sometimes it’s best to understand a business model before tinkering with it, which is what Kendrick’s character discovers.

4. Flash of Genius


This is the story of how Bob Kearns, a college professor, invented intermittent windshield wipers, and the resulting legal battle with Ford Motor Company. Ford attempted to “steal” Kearn’s invention without giving him his due credit. The experience plunged Kearns into depression and near insanity. This movie is a timely reminder to entrepreneurs that they should protect their ideas and intellectual properties.

5. Chef


This is the most” feel-goody” movie on this list. Carl Casper is a kickass chef at a high-end Los Angeles restaurant. But he’s not happy. He’s divorced, his son barely knows him and, worst of all, he has to make mundane dishes at work (because that’s what sells, as his boss keeps reminding him). One day, Carl snaps and gets fired.

Carl finally decides it’s time for some self discovery. Cue a road trip, a food truck and his son’s Instagram skills, and Carl “launches” America’s most popular mobile cuisine.

No matter how hard I try to describe it, Chef is a movie that would leave you feeling all mushy inside. Oh, lest I forget, if you’re on a diet, skip this movie. This movie will make you hungry really quick.

Happy viewing.


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