9 top young Nigerian entrepreneurs in agriculture

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Mosunmola Umoru

Mosunmola Umoru; CEO, Honeysuckles PTL Ventures

Founded in 2004; CEO, Honeysuckles PTL Ventures, Mosunmola needs no form of introduction in matters concerning the Nigerian agricultural space. She is an agro business entrepreneur who specializes in food production, farming, processing and distribution.

Mosunmola or Pretty Farmer as the she is fondly called, is a fellow of Ashoka and Founder of a social enterprise ABIRA Agribusiness Support Initiative. She has also served on several Panels as an inspiration to women in various African countries.

Joseph Ukpong; Owner of Ceunitonc Farms

Joseph Ukpong; Owner of Ceunitonc Farms

Joseph runs Ceunitonc farm; a poultry business which focuses on breeding chicks for egg and meat purposes. Joseph’s love and passion for poultry business developed while he was with his uncle assisting him with his poultry business. This was there he got his first-hand knowledge and experience in poultry farming before moving on to begin his entrepreneurial journey in agriculture.

Ismail Abdulazeez; Chief  Executive, The Thy Consulting Limited

Ismail Abdulazeez; Chief Executive, The Thy Consulting Limited granting an interview

Ismail’s life has greatly improved thanks to discovering  the hidden fortunes  in grasscutter and snail farming. As a child, he had passion for agriculture, having been involved in subsistence farming with his parents. He developed so much interest in farming that he had vowed that no matter how much academic certificate he obtains, he would still be a big farmer.

His foray into farming began when himself and his wife moved into their own house and started seeing snails here and there. He decided to check the articles on snail farming he   has been keeping and in one of the articles, From then on, his interest grew in snail farming and this led him to attend trainings and read up on it. Having conquered snail farming as it were, Abudlazeez also plunged into grasscutters raring business.

Today, his farm hostels at least 200 grasscutters  which  are  slaughtered for sale to grocery stores, restaurants and hotels.

Clifford Eborgu

Clifford Eborgu; Chief Executive, Sendulus Consulting

Since  plantain is primed among leading commodities in returns to farmers, Eborgu is  leading  a campaign  to get  young  entrepreneurs  involved  in it for income and food.

For him, plantain farming  is  the way  to go.  Through his effort and others, small scale plantain production is now on the increase and the initiative has been so successful such that there is now a danger of  plantain surplus.

Zanau Hassan Maikasuwa; President Agro Allied Farm Services

Zanau Hassan Maikasuwa; President Farmfields Agro-Allied Services

Farmfields Agro-Allied Services supports local farmers and agricultural investors dealing with all aspects of farming, animals and crops.

Zanau is one of  the young farmers thriving in crop  farming. From humble beginnings, his company has  grown crops on several acres of land. This has driven  him  to   expand  his  business to meet the rising demand for crops from neighbouring northern states. Zanau has a livestock segement and also helped to launch the AWP Network Agropreneur project for Women Farmers.

Sola Adeniyi; Chief Executive, Natural Nutrient Limited

Sola Adeniyi; Chief Executive, Natural Nutrient Limited

Adeniyi, a Business Administration graduate  identified a gap in the market for moringa and made haste to fill it by setting up a business devoted to the product. As the business grew, he broadened his tentacle and began production, packaging and distribution in commercial quantities and was baffled by the degree of sales he made.

He went a step further by the manufacture moringa tea.  Little did he know that the tea would today become greatly sought after especially among those who are conscious of remaining healthy!  His business has grown and expanded into moringa body butter, capsule, oil, soap and powder. He is also well established in plantain agriculture.


Fatima Oyia Ademoh; Founder, Agro Entrepreneurs (YAE) initiative

Fatima Oyia Ademoh is one of the contestants chosen from above 800 young entrepreneurs from 18 African countries for a business ideas competition termed Agribiz4Africa. Fatima became the second runner up for her Youth Agro Entrepreneurs (YAE) initiative – an innovation which seeks to rebrand agriculture as a feasible, lucrative and honorable profession for agro youth entrepreneurs.

Her agro business video which won her the prize is about her training program known as Youth Agricbiz training. The training is meant to last for 18 months within which the trainees are paid while they learn. The pay during their program comes from the money they make off their agricultural practicals. The payment is meant to be given to the students at the end of their training to serve as seed money to start-off their agro business. She started the training in 2012 and is currently working with 5 students with the aim of expanding as time goes on.

David Caleb Usman - CEO Team Galaxy Limited

David Caleb Usman – Owner, Team Galaxy Limited

For every Nigerian youth who wants to venture into Agriculture, Caleb’s story is a very inspiring and thought provoking one. Caleb started out his poultry at the age of 16, with 1000 layers. Talking about his challenges, he lost a thousand birds when he first started but even as a young boy, he refused to give up. About 6years down the line, he has about 21,000 layers and his farm is valued at N62 million with a staff strength of 15 after employing some form of mechanized farming in his business.

Ikpegbu Tochukwu; CEO Emmanuel Farms

Ikpegbu Tochukwu; CEO Emmanuel Farms

In 2010, Ikpegbu came first in the Harambe Nigeria agri-business competition, winning up to N7.5 million in prizes and training with the EDS, Fate Foundation and Ideabuilders. His winning entry which focused on expanding his piggery farm called Emmanuel farms is one which he has continued to build and grow. Starting with just 20 piglets in a small room in 2006, Emmanuel Farms has expanded to four big pens housing over 300 pigs and producing at least 100 piglets every month.




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